What is Begleri?

Begleri is a lesser known skill toy. It is made of two 'beads' fastened to a short string or fine chain. While the toy is simple, it can be flipped and twirled around the fingers to perform countless complex tricks.

Begleri originated in Greece, and is derived from the komboloi, which has roots to religious rosaries, but grew to serve the function of worry beads -- they are flipped around to pass the time and keep the hands busy. 

What is komboloi?

Many old traditional begleri from Greece were made from semi-precious stones, or carved animal bones and horns. However, in recent years, begleri has grown in popularity across the globe as a skill toy and everyday carry item, and this has led to a increase in begleri designs and styles, using all types of modern materials.  


Many begleri enthusiasts also experiment with homemade DIY options. A beginner's begleri can easily be made by stringing a some hex nuts (one or multiple, depending on personal preference and what hex nuts are available) together on a piece of paracord, a shoe lace, or other string as well as many other creative options!

How to make a DIY begleri at home.