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Begleri - Blue Diamond

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The 'Diamond' shape Begleri bead is made of two pieces that screw together. This provides a very clean look by hiding the knots at each end and still allows you to interchange and adjust the paracord.

Kit comes unassembled with 2 beads + 3 random mystery paracords.

Bead weight: 11g
Whole Begleri weight: 24g
Paracord: 550 paracord pre-cut to ~10.5in (27cm)

Cord length is extra-long compared to most players preference. We want to send you more than you need so you can cut to your preferred length giving you the flexibility to customize your experience.

Package includes:

  • 2PC x Aluminum Alloy Begleri Beads
  • 3PC x Pre-cut Paracord (assorted colors)